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1. Your Select A Razor

Select a premium razor (3 or 5 blade). Choose your frequency (every 2 or 3 months). 4 razors initially and 6 razors with each renewal.

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Be happy knowing that your new razors are on their way and shipping is always free. Normally delivered to your home in 3-5 days.

3. Live Happy & Healthy

Enjoy keeping your body smooth knowing you can CHANGE, SKIP or CANCEL your membership anytime, no questions asked.
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Full Shave Solution

Did you know your skin is one of the most vital organs of your body? Many bathroom essentials contain hormone-disrupting chemicals that can be toxic for your skin. Our shave soap and razors are designed to nourish and clean your body while leaving your skin healthy and smooth. A healthier life is a happier life. Our goal is to keep it simple. Healthy, bathroom essentials directly to your door.

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